Tacoma Explosion Injury Lawyers

The aftermath of an explosion can be devastating. While many accidents on a construction site are isolated incidents that are capable of affecting only a handful of people, Washington explosion accidents can affect a large number of people that are present not only at the construction site, but in the areas immediately surrounding that site as well. Construction sites consist of structure that are being made stable, which means that those structures are not fully stable prior to the structures’ completion. As a result, an explosion can take a devastating toll on an incomplete building structure, particularly if gas lines and electrical panels have already been installed, which could further compound the level of devastation that ensues from the explosion.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDCP) explains that explosions and the dangers associated with them can be broken down into four major areas. The primary blast consists of energy released that affects pressurized objects and places strain on said objects, whether it’s the human body’s equilibrium or a pressurized gas tank. Secondary blast injury is characterized by debris set in motion by the blast, such as shrapnel and other objects that can be deadly when propelled with such force. Tertiary blast injury refers to the blast wind being so powerful that it physically throws an individual, while quaternary blast injuries consist of burns or any other type of injury related to the explosion.

The utmost in safety measures and other preventative steps need to always be taken in and around construction sites in order to ensure that individuals are not injured in the event that an explosion does occur. Ultimately, it is the responsibility of the construction site owner and site foreman to make sure that the all safety measures have been put into place, including proper employee training. Employers are responsible for accurately and thoroughly training workers to not only operate heavy machinery correctly, but handle combustible dusts and gases and other sensitive materials and chemicals that could contribute towards an explosion as well. The training process, however, is not always given as much care as it should, with some employers choosing to rush through the training process in order to gain greater profit quicker (that is, because work is being done right away rather than training) or neglect to follow-through on safety regulations and procedures well after training has been completed.

Worker safety is without a doubt the most important order of business on any construction site. If an explosion does occur, a thorough investigation needs to be conducted in order to uncover the determining factors that led up to and were ultimately responsible for the explosion taking place. If you or a loved one has been the victim of an explosion accident on a construction site, don’t hesitate to contact the Tacoma construction accident lawyers at the Bernard Law Group.

Our experienced Washington explosion accident attorneys will examine the circumstances surrounding your accident, and will hold negligent parties responsible for your accident accountable for their actions. If you’ve been injured in a Washington explosion accident, please call us today for a free evaluation of your personal injury case.