Seattle Crane Accident Lawyers

Cranes are extremely useful on a construction site. With the ability to lift large objects and set them in their proper placement, cranes enable buildings and other structures to be built with much greater ease than they would be otherwise without the aid of the crane. However, cranes are sophisticated pieces of machinery that absolutely need to be properly used in order to ensure the safety of all individuals in the vicinity of the construction. When crane accidents take place, catastrophic injury, and sometimes even death, can unfortunately occur, and those victims and their families have the right to hold those individuals or other entities responsible for the accident accountable for their actions in a court of law.

Crane accidents can result from improper technique used during crane operation or defective parts that can cause a crane to malfunction. In either case, negligence plays a significant contributing role towards causing the accident. That is, if crane operators are not properly trained by supervisors, then the safety of all individuals near the crane is put in jeopardy. Lack of proper crane training can result in hauled objects being dropped from the crane unexpectedly, excessive speeds being traveled at that may cause the crane to tip over, or even incorrect steering of the crane that could cause it to get caught in power lines or other nearby objects. If a crane is not properly taken care of, with regular maintenance checks taking place to ensure that all parts are in good working order, then the crane can malfunction during operation and place not only the crane operator in harm’s way, but also his or her fellow construction site co-workers. Even though rules and regulations have been set in place to promote crane safety, mistakes are often made that contribute towards causing crane accidents resulting in crane accident injuries in Washington.

The circumstances surrounding a crane accident highly influence the injuries a worker suffers. Crane accidents unfortunately can result in brain injury, lacerations, paralysis, broken bones, fractures, disfigurement, chemical burns, and even death. Not only does a worker have to endure the severe pain these injuries cause, but the emotional trauma associated with such incidents is also an unpleasant experience. Some injuries from Washington crane accidents require years of medical treatment, physical therapy, or multiple invasive surgeries. There are even cases where a worker’s injuries seem harmless at first and then worsen with time.

Consequently, crane accidents can often be expensive. When crane accidents occur because of another person’s negligence, the law allows for injured workers or their families to seek compensation from those responsible for contributing towards the accident. Monetary damages awarded in such personal injury cases may take the form of compensation for vocational rehabilitation, job training, pain and suffering, loss of wages, medical bills, and other costs associated with the accident.

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