Halloween Flashlight Recalled Due to Fire, Burn Hazard

In a news release, the US Consumer Product Safety Administration (CPSC), in cooperation with Nygala, announced they were recalling roughly 10,000 Halloween projection flash lights, after Nygala and the CPSC received one reported incident of a flashlight that overheated, blistered and melted. The plastic flash lights were sold at discount stores across the nation from August 2010 through October 2011. The flashlights were black and orange in color and use two AA batteries. Consumers are being asked to immediately stop using the recalled flashlights, and to remove and properly discard the batteries. Consumers can return the flashlights to the store where they were purchased to receive a full refund.

As a Tacoma personal injury attorney, I’ve seen this type of safety recall many times before and understand the difficulties that manufacturers face when mass producing a product. I’ve also witnessed the tragic injuries to consumers that can result from the use of defective items. If you’ve suffered an injury through the normal use of a defective product, call a personal injury lawyer experienced in these matters to discuss your rights as a consumer.

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